Jacoby Canyon

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Jacoby Canyon is a trail in Big Bear, California. It goes from 3N16 (Big Pine Flat Trail) on the west to highway 18 on the east.

12/09/2013: I drove this trail on 12/08/2013. It is rated as "More Difficult" but I was able to easily drive its length from Hwy 18 all the way to the main trail head off of 3N16(?) in my stock 4x4 Xterra Off-Road.

There were a couple of tight areas, but with some light work from my spotter, I was able to navigate through them with ease, and with no body damage. The trail is beautiful with a lot of turn out areas and places to stop, play and even camp if you are so inclined.

From Hwy 18, the journey is mostly uphill with only a few moderately steep downhill sections, a good opportunity to test my hill descent assist system. It started off on loose rocks, some sharp enough to possibly cause a puncture if you do not reduce the pressure in your tires. I hate changing tires on the trail so I took precaution and brought my tires down to 20psi. The vast majority of the trail can be accomplished in "4-HI", with only 2 small sections where I actually had to engage "4-LO", and it was mainly to get my tires to climb a loose rock. At no point did I have to engage my locker to get me through any obstical. There are a couple of off-camber sections that put a good lean on the vehicle, but nothing dangerous.

The scenery changed quite rapidly through the trail, from desert mountain with lots of loose rocks, Joshua trees and cacti, to pine trees and typical mountain forest settings. There is a lot of good scenery on this trail. I am inclined to come back and do some more exploring along it, and maybe even a bit of camping at some point as well.

Some quick photo snaps from the trail. Mostly of my Xterra though.





Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Jacoby Canyon Coordinates: 34.314533° -116.837374° Coordinates: 34.314533° -116.837374°