Coxey Truck Trail

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Coxey Truck Trail/White Mountain (3N14) starts in the town of Fawnskin in the Big Bear mountains of San Bernardino County as Rim of the World Drive and veers northwest where Snow Slide Trail (2N13) begins. The trail meets with Holcomb Creek Road (3N08).

Added 6/13/07 A few weeks ago on a beautiful Sunday late morning, I tried out Coxey Road/Coxey Truck Trail/FS Road 3N14, 18 or so miles between Bowen Ranch Road and Rt 38 in Fawnskin. This was my first "real" OHV ride in my new 4WD FJ Cruiser. I studied Google Earth, Topo Maps, BLM and USFS maps so I was obsessed ... hahaha. Descriptions I had seen indicated that this was a two-lane "easy" ride ... so I am picturing Bowen Ranch Road or my own rough but county maintained and graded road in East Apple Valley where I live.

I started on Coxey Road from Bowen Ranch Road in AV. Climbing uphill, past beautiful rock formations, over cattle guards. Really, it's a single "lane." I learned quickly that the "high side" of the road is the passable side, the low side is the most rutted and difficult. On the way around a hairpin I encountered a Jeep coming downhill ... made it by easily! Did not encounter many other drivers until close to Fawnskin and the camping areas, just a family on ATVs and one solitary dirt biker. Also did spend a minute talking to a BLM "ranger" or whetever they call themselves (who was in a big Suburban.)

I'll not bore everyone with more details, but if this was an EASY trip then I really take my hat off and bow to the off-roaders who drive the "moderate" and "difficult" rated trails/roads. I've seen the pics in SoCal OHV trail books.

Admittedly this was an big adventure for me. I followed the trail book's advice and brought water, a shovel, maps and my trusty Garmin 60CS GPS all loaded with the correct stuff. But I was alone ... and honestly this is not a good thing, because you obviously need to focus and concentrate on what you are doing ... even on this "easy" road. Would have been nice to have someone looking down the road while I concentrated on NOT driving into a hole or off the road ... hahahaha. I had brought geological maps I had printed hoping to pick out the monzogranites another rock types, etc ... but did not really see much other than the road. Every now and then I did stop, look around, take a pic ... and can certainly say that the San Bernardino Mountains are really beautiful ... God's country some might say .. with quite a bit of it recovering from obvious fires in the past.

I may drive Coxey Road again, pay more attention to the odometer, take more pics and document the trip a bit. It was an interesting and harrowing first experience. When I got to Fawnskin, I was thoroughly soaked with sweat!!!

You should not really attempt Coxey Road in a car, and I'm not sure if anything other than a stock SUV with 4WD and good ground clearance would be adviseable. There were significant ruts, much rough, rocky going. I was happy to have USGS Topo maps for the few places where there were many "choices" of direction to take.

More later and best to all!!!

Paul Benoit Apple Valley, CA