Cooper Cienega Truck Trail

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Cooper Cienega Truck Trail, with Old Mitchell Camp Road, goes from Chihuahua Valley Road, in San Diego County to Bailey Road in Anza, Riverside County. It is also part of the California Riding and Hiking Trail. A high clearance vehicle is required on this road. There are many high erosion control berms that a passenger car will definitely high-center on. It is a bit rough in spots but 4WD is probably not required. In the rainy season there is also a small pond to ford just under three miles in from the Chihuahua Valley end.

At 3.75 miles from Chihuahua Valley Road, about 1/3 mile after the pond, an unnamed road branches off to the east through Cooper Canyon. This goes 6.5 miles to Rimrock Canyon Road south of Anza. This road has some areas that will definitely challenge a 2WD vehicle so 4WD is highly recommended.


From Highway 79 take Chihuahua Valley Road for about 4.3 miles and turn left on Old Mitchell Camp Road. After about 3/4 mile you are herded left then right by closed gates on to Cooper Cienega Truck Trail.

From Anza take Kirby Road south from Highway 371. This goes south for 1 mile then turns left for another mile to meet Terwilliger Road. Follow Terwilliger Road for 3 miles and turn right on Bailey road. Follow Bailey Road for about 2 miles. Here you can either take the easy road by turning left through the stone pillars or take the rougher road by going straight. If you go through the pillars, follow the road to the right through the next set of pillars then right again at the "T" intersection. Follow the easy road to the left again then turn left on California Riding and Hiking Trail just after about 1/2 mile. If you take the rougher road, after 3/4 miles, and after paralleling the easy road for about 1/2 mile, there is a cut to California Riding and Hiking Trail.

An Adventure Bike experiencing Cooper Cienega Truck Trail

Difficulty: easy (2.5). Moderate (3) in Cooper Canyon.