Vallecito Wash Trail

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The Vallecito Wash Trail travels two washes. One is the Canyon sin Nombre and the other the Vallecito Wash. Leaving S22 near the Carrizo Badlands Overlook, the trail leads to a sandy wash.

Canyon sin Nombre[edit]

The Canyon sin Nombre, meaning "No name Canyon" in Spanish, sports layers of sediments and lots of slotlike canyons. This area offers hikers interesting geological sites. Driving on, you exit this Canyon, continue down the wash towards the Vallecito Wash. You can take any of the numerous forks in the path as they eventually join back.

There is one short section as you enter the canyon where you cross a short rocky area that requires some articulation.

You can also get to this trail the back way from the Carrizo Creek route to the Wash. Look for a post on the right of the wash marking the beginning of the trail.

Vallecito Wash[edit]

Move on in the Vallecito Wash until you come to a T intersection. You see a spur trail that takes you along the Carrizo Creek to the site of the old Carrizo Stage Station. This is marshy land and the water does flow along the surface of the creek. Vehicles may encounter some difficulty here.

As soon as you exit the wash, you are greeted with numerous tracks of which some take you to campsites and others to the Carrizo Stage Station. The campsite is by the natural rock wall and a nice place.

If you choose to continue down the main trail then drive through the sandy wash, past the Arroyo Seco del Diablo Trail to Fish Creek. You can also choose any of the other trails that pass by the way. The main trail takes you past the Palm Spring to lead back to S2.

Agua Caliente Hot Springs[edit]

The Agua Caliente Hot Springs are located at a county park at some distance from here. Campers will also find a campground there. There are charges and day timings to use the springs which is open from Labor Day to Memorial Day.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

GE.jpg kmz file available in this page

Vallecito Wash Trail Coordinates: 32.830000° -116.169333° Coordinates: 32.830000° -116.169333°