Sunfair Dry Lake

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Sunfair Dry Lake, also known as Coyote Lake, is located two miles north of Highway 62 between the towns of Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms in San Bernardino County, California. Sunfair Dry Lake has miles of trails, some easy and some quite challenging, surrounding its "shores." There are some nice areas for jumps near the Joshua Tree Campground, as well as some dunes in the eastern-central section of the lake.


Approximately three miles east of Joshua Tree on Hwy 62, turn left onto Sunfair Road. Sunfair Road will end at Joshua Tree Lake, a small fish pond and campground that offers a nice place to camp in the winter months. The dry lake bed may be accessed by turning right on any number of roads located AFTER Broadway. However, Broadway is the easiest way to get directly to the lake bed. Do not use the land to the right of Broadway as this is private land.

Respect this privilege please as this area is one of the few areas in the Morongo Basin where offroading is still legal.