Sierra Pelona Trail

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Sierra Pelona Trail
Trail Information
Other Names:
Part of: Angeles National Forest
Trail Length: 14 miles
Trail Time: 1.5 hours
Off-Road Use:
Difficulty: Easy
County: Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Cities:
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GPS Start: N34 34.80 W118 22.07
GPS End: N34 31.64 W118 26.50
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Elevation: 2,100 to 4,600 ft.
trail was closed at all entrances as of May 02, 2009. Power line work I guess
The Sierra Pelona Trail offers some good views of Bouquet Lake in the Rowher Flat OHV Area, with a combination of the easy sections and difficult sections. If you want an even tougher trail then the Sierra Pelona Trail can be used to access the Rowher Trail.

You begin and end the trail at Bouquet Canyon Road located to the north of Bouquet Road.

Start by following the Martindale Canyon via the rough dirt road and cross over the wash. From here the road becomes wide enough for a vehicle to pass easily.

The Tougher Trail[edit]

You can move on to the tougher Rowher Trail from any of the intersections that cross the Sierra Pelona Trail here. This trail is famous for being very difficult and the less experienced should not attempt the same. The section of the Rowher Trail that moves north of the Bouquet Lake is the most challenging with steep grades. Your 4WDs undergo severe tests for traction and wheel articulation here. Coupled with some superb views of the Bouquet Lake, this trail can be extremely distracting for the new driver.

The Basic Trail[edit]

Coming back to the main Sierra Pelona Trail, you pass the Artesian and Willow Springs. From then on trail climbs to the site of the old Sierra Pelona Fire Lookout.

When you reach the top of the ridge take the short spur to reach the east. You can get some great views from here. You can take any one of the many OHV trails here. The Rowher Flat OHV Area is located to the south of this area. The Rowher Trail has a number of easy sections, one of which leads to the site of an old fire lookout tower, the walls of which do not exist today. There is an open area here which is a good shaded campsite.

From this section you start your descent along the Sierra Pelona Ridge ending at the Bouquet Canyon Road.

  • As of 2/18/08, the Angeles National Forest has closed this road due to the wildfires in the past year citing rehabilitation was needed for the road. The road is not formally blocked off, a fallen Road Closed sign stand in the way and a more formal traffic sign says it is off-limits to motor vehicles.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Sierra Pelona Trail Coordinates: 34.580000° -118.367833° Coordinates: 34.580000° -118.367833°