Sand Mountain

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Sand Mountain
Photo: Sand Mountain in Nevada.
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Sand Mountain is a open-use recreation area in Nevada. Managed by the BLM, the sand dunes of this 4,795 acre recreation area provide challenge and excitement for OHVs, hikers & sandboarders.

At the base of Sand Mountain there are a designated dry-camping sites. Campfires are permitted.

The best time to visit Sand Mountain is in the spring and fall due to the near perfect weather conditions, if you so choose to visit in the winter months you will run into cold and wet weather while the summer brings heat and wind.


Sand Mountain Recreation Area is located in Northern Nevada 25 miles east of Fallon and just off of Highway 50.


  • Camp only in designated areas.
  • 8ft. whip flags are required on all vehicles riding in the dunes.
  • Do not burn wood containing nails, screws or other metal hardware.
  • Burning tires is prohibited.
  • Speed limit is 15mph in camping areas.
  • Discharge any firearms, fireworks, or projectiles is not allowed.
  • Possess or use any glass cup or bottle is not allowed.
  • Do not dump gray or wastewater.
  • Users must pay fee.
  • Avoid riding in areas closed to motor vehicles.

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