Otay Mountain Truck Trail

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Otay Mountain Truck Trail
Photo: Overlooking Dulzura and Mexico Boarder from fire trail off Otay Truck Trail.
Trail Information
Other Names:
Part of: San Ysidro Mountains
Trail Length: 16.2 miles
Trail Time: 2 hours
Off-Road Use:
Difficulty: Easy
County: San Diego County, California
Nearest Cities: Dulzura, CA
Map Links: Google Map
Satellite Map: Google Satellite
Special Map:
GPS Start: N32 37.88 W116 45.79
GPS End: N32 34.82 W116 55.09
Google Earth:
Elevation: 700 to 3,400 ft.

Otay Mountain Truck Trail boasts of very scenic views and a easy trail difficulty rating! Top it off with year-round access and you get a very good trail to follow. If you are a hang glider or para glider then this is one of the most active sports undertaken in this region especially in winter and late spring.

The Otay Mountain Truck Trail travels on the ridge tops of the San Ysidro Mountains and is frequented by the U.S. Border Patrol as one can view the international border, San Diego Bay and San Ysidro Mountains. From the ridge top you see Mexico towards the south, Jamul Mountains to the north, Lyons Peak to the northeast and Tecate Peak to the east.

Due to the large military presence it is not a very good idea to camp here even though camping is allowed.

This trail is easy because for most part it is a leveled shelf road and the limited passing places and blind corners are the only difficulties you would face. Even these are taken care of with mirrors that are positioned at these locations to help drivers.

There are many side trails that lead to observation points and the main trail ends just a little distance away from the north of Otay Mesa Road.

There are two main entrances to the Otay Mountain Truck Trail. The north entrance is off Otay Lakes Road east of Lower Otay Reservoir. About 2.5 miles west of Highway 94 is Pio Pico Country Store. The entrance to Otay Mountain Truck Trail is on the west side of the parking lot right by the road. Go up the hill, not into the RV park. The east entrance to Otay Mountain Truck Trail is off Highway 94, about 1.5 miles east of Dulzura, at Marron Valley Road. Follow Marron Valley Road for 2.5 miles where Otay Mountain Truck Trail branches off to the right.

Entering or exiting at the west end is a bit tricky. The obvious entry or exit points are blocked by substantial locked gates. There is a way to exit at the west end of the trail, but it is not for 2WD or low clearance vehicles when you reach this point [1] turn right and follow the trail parallel to Alta Rd. This trail is pretty narrow and provides for some fun. At this point [2]there is a narrow, right turn drop off (dubbed the "Little Dipper") that provides a bit of technical fun, vehicles with a long wheel base or low slung vehicles may have some difficulty. This exit route dumps you out right at the Donovan Prison, once you hit pavement turn left on Alta Road to leave.

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Youtube of the trail

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Otay Mountain Truck Trail Coordinates: 32.631333° -116.763167° Coordinates: 32.631333° -116.763167°

Alternate Trailhead:

Otay Mountain Truck Trail Coordinates: 32.39896° -16.511839° Coordinates: 32.39896° -16.511839°