McCain Valley Road

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McCain Valley Road is a very easy trail. It starts at Old Highway 80 roughly 6 miles northwest of Jacumba and ends at the boundary of Sawtooth Mountains. You pass through the Lark Canyon OHV Area, Cottonwood Recreation Site and Sawtooth Mountain Wilderness and can access spectacular viewpoints in the Carrizo Gorge area along the way.

At the start the road is paved and then changes to graded dirt on entering the McCain Valley Conservation Area. This terrain is wide and has a number of boulders. You can move to a viewpoint , the Sacatone Overlook, through a spur from here. You can see the non-working San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railroad railway. This is a good section to hike, ride a horse or a mountain bike. You can also access this area through Dos Cabezas Road.

To access the second view point you must enter the Lark Canton OHV Area which is for motorcycles only. There are many trails and a paid camping site as well. The second view point also gives you extensive views of the Carrizo Gorge badlands and canyon.

You move on towards the end of the trail while horseback riders can further continue into the wilderness if they choose. There are several creeks and paid campsites at Cottonwood Recreation Site. Please note you have to use the designated sites only for camping i.e the Cottonwood and Lark Canyon Recreation Sites.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

McCain Valley Road Coordinates: 32.695833° -116.258667° Coordinates: 32.695833° -116.258667°