Lake Elsinore Grand Prix

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A rider gets on the throttle at the popular Lake Elsinore Grand Prix in 2005
The Lake Elsinore Grand Prix is a motorcycle race that takes place in downtown Lake Elsinore, California, in the county of Riverside, California. The race is usually held in mid-November each year.

A week before the race, track construction begins on the dry, packed earth. Soon, hundreds of motorhomes and RV's descend on the area, which includes downtown Lake Elsinore and the surrounding hills. Several days before the event, fans begin to claim their seats alongside the winding track.

The grand finale of the 2 days of racing is the event called the Harvey Mushman 100, named after the legendary actor, Steve McQueen, who entered the race under the ghost name of Harvey Mushman in the 1970's. This race was documented in the famous film, On Any Sunday.

2007 Lake Elsinore Grand Prix[edit]

For 2007, the Lake Elsinore GP has been moved to the Lake Elsinore MX Park and surrounding areas. The race is scheduled for November 9th, 10th and 11th.

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