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Green canyon is a beautufilly nestled canyon near Logan Utah. Although the canyon remains dry throughout the year the scenery lives up to its name even in late August. The canyon has been adopted by the City of North Logan and is in generally good condition year round. Several campsites line the trail and a well maintained fireroad provides access for campers and others looking for quick recreation close to town.

This area is a favorite among locals for its convenience and scenery. Close enough, and accessible enough, to provide some evening recreation after a day's work this trail ought to be more popular than it is. Traveling in the canyon provides views of the cliff faces and rock formations typical of northern Utah. There is one large cave close to the start of the canyon which is primarily used for campfires as it is not very deep. Signs along the way inform travelers that the quarry for the Logan Temple was just north of the fire road. Exiting the canyon provides a nice view into Cache Valley.

Whether a local looking for recreation or a long distance traveler Green Canyon offers a novice a chance to get outdoors, and an expert a great chance to play.

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This is a fairly popular trail among bikers, hikers, and the occasional horseback rider. Probably in that order.

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Seasonal Information[edit]

  • Late in the growing season, the upper singletrack section can become overgrown with grasses, making navigation more difficult.

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Parking is available at the entrance to Green Canyon in Logan Utah.


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