Giant Rock

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Giant Rock is a large freestanding boulder with a strange history in the Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, California. The land around this area is open for OHV use.


Giant Rock is located north of Landers. On Highway 247 north out of Yucca Valley, travel two miles north of the turn off for Landers, to Linn Road, indicated by a green road sign. East on Linn Road for three miles until the road turns to dirt at the white-domed structure (this is the Integratron building). Head north on the main dirt road, just after the Integratron, following the road around the east side of the hill to the Rock.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Giant Rock Coordinates: 34.33275° -116.3888° Coordinates: 34.33275° -116.3888°

The instruction are flawed - CAUTION!

At the end of the paved road - Linn Rd - keep going east on Linn Rd another 500 feet. You'll see a dirt road to the left angling North East - that's the correct road to Giant Rock.

If you follow the instruction to go straight north you will find a locked gate an will be on private property and WILL BE PROSECTUTED FOR TRESPASSING. You are on camera at the point.

I'm the owner of that land and am tired of the vandalism.

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