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Corral Canyon – More than an OHV trail!
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The Corral Canyon OHV Area is located near the town of Pine Valley. Within this area, the Corral Canyon and Bobcat Meadows campgrounds jointly give OHV enthusiasts access to over 51 miles of system OHV trails. These trails which run across the Cleveland National Forest Lands, offer you a heady mix of scenic beauty and test of skills.

The park was completely closed due to the wildfires of 2006. The northern third of the park was reopened in March of 2007.

The jeep trails in Corral Canyon include Bronco Peak, Bronco Peak Connector, and Sidewinder.


While gearing up to face the challenge, don’t forget your copy of the Canyon OHV Area map. This is an invaluable tool that will detail the various recreational opportunities available within the Descano Ranger District. You will definitely need this information packed guide to help you maintain the regulations of the zone and get maximum benefit as well.

As the trails vary in elevation it offers a lot of adventure to starters as well as seasoned campers. The Corral Canyon Campground has an elevation of 3,400 feet which rises upto 4,169 feet at the Bronco Peak. The terrain offers many surprises and driving around in a laid back manner is not recommended. Remember, OHV recreation is just one of the facilities offered within the Cleveland National Forest. Be alert for oncoming vehicles at all times.

Campers will discover that the Corral Canyon ORV area is quite small as it is situated in a dell shaded with Live Oaks. Keep your stuff to the minimum. A kind of ‘pack and go’ version of the larger campsites.

Other attractions[edit]

The Wildomar and Corral Canyon OHV Areas are sparse in foliage. You may find an occasional Live Oak Tree surrounded by boulders, greasewood and plenty of interesting rock formations. This place has a beauty of its own and is a big draw with visitors to the Cleveland National Forest. Your drive through the Corral Canyon Open OHV Area will offer many scenic views of the valley below.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Corral Canyon OHV Area Coordinates: 32.714400° -116.572929° Coordinates: 32.714400° -116.572929°

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Conditions and Closures[edit]

It is always wise to check with the Cleveland National Forest to make sure that your trail is open.

Cleveland National Forest Contact Information

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