Bronco Peak Connector

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The picture doesn't do it justice. This is VERY steep!
Bronco Peak Connector (aka The Connector) is a difficult trail in the Corral Canyon OHV area. It can be run in either direction. It can be started at the campground, going through to Bronco Peak or run downhill from Bronco Peak to the campground. Oversize tires and a lift are required, with lockers reccomended if running it uphill. Rocker guards are highly reccomended to avoid damage.

The main feature is the steep wedge. If not done carefully, it can end up in a rollover. There are a few other off camber situations and difficult terrain.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Bronco Peak Connector Coordinates: 32.712633,,-116.571604° {{{2}}}° Coordinates: 32.712633,,-116.571604° {{{2}}}°

Connector Photo Gallery[edit]